Hello my name is Jay Needlez

My story begins in a place called Argentina maybe you have heard of it . I was found unconscious on the sands of the South Atlantic by an old goat farmer named Bolas Grandes.
When he found me he said all I had in my possession was a tattoo machine a wallet size picture of lady gaga (I don't know what that's about) and a letter that read, " Your luck is over kid good luck ..I mean your luck is over kid so no good luck " anyway I woke with Amnesia only remembering my god given talent to draw and knit cotton underwear from thick yarn (they burn alittle but there warm) anyway I started tattooing Bolas Grandes' goats with the name Bolas across the butt . Little by little I started adding images to the name. After years I made my way up the shore tattooing all kinds of animals until the day that my destiny brought me to Mr. B's Tattoo and Body Percing where they let me tattoo people and knit my underwear. So I guess that letter was wrong my luck didn't run out it JUST BEGAN I will always be grateful to Bolas Grandes
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